November 29

Hello Parents,

Brrrrr! Let’s say that we are experiencing the “tip tip tip of the iceberg ” with the recent drop in our daily temperatures. Please ensure that the children are equipped with appropriate clothing for the weather.


A warm welcome to Jake and his family. We hope that your educational journey at Granville House Montessori will be happy and rewarding.

Happy Birthday to Daniel!

Daniel celebrated his fourth birthday yesterday. He treated his class to a delicious chocolate mousse cake with fresh fruits. Happy fourth birthday Daniel!  

Calendar and Special Events

December 4: Frozen Party. Each child may bring or wear one theme related item. We will read the story, play music from the Movie, play a Freeze Game, Pass the snowflakes, enjoy a frozen snack and of course each child will have the opportunity to describe their chosen theme related item to develop their communications skills and build their confidence. Exciting!!

December 17: Carousel Theatre field trip ” Where the wild things are”. Please meet on Granville Island at 12.15. There will be no morning class. Both classes will congregate at Performance Works. One parent may attend. Please bring in $ 13. tomorrow.

December 18: Last day of school. Pyjama Breakfast Party. The children will enjoy a pancake breakfast with fresh seasonal organic fruits and hot chocolate. Yummy!! There will be no afternoon class. Both classes will attend from 8.30 to 11.30. Surprise guest appearance! Guess who is coming to Granville House Montessori???

January 4: School reopens


This month we learnt many facts about the continent of Antartica. We also spent a couple weeks on the theme on Remembrance Day.

Miss Paige and I role played Grace and Courtesy lessons based on saying ” Excuse me” to pass by when someone is in your way or when interrupting anyone.

Next month, we will centre our review and consolidate the concepts introduced this semester around the festive themes of Christmas, Kwanzaa and Hanukkah. There will be no Special Days for the month of December.

We highly recommend the “Ted Ed ” website which is catered to young learners. The children have viewed short informational clips about our theme, Antarctica.

Special Days

Thank you parents for supporting our Special Day activities for the past three months. We are always impressed with the exhibition of creativity and innovation.

Wyatt was overexcited to show his friends his Frozen inspired activity which was created by his mom. He introduced a Math game which required us to place the white Pom Poms in cups as we counted in Wyatt’s favourite language, which happens to be the second official language of Canada, French. He also brought in snowflakes and a 3 D iceberg centrepiece which will be used at our craft table for our Frozen Party

Wyatt dutifully informed us that, ” 1. East Antarctica is colder than the west. 2. In most spots in Antarctica, it is too cold to snow. 3. Antarctica is the coldest of earth’s continents. ” Well done Wyatt!

Peter had a choice of three books. Then Peter decided on sharing his ” Finding hide and seek Nemo ” book which Miss Paige read to the class. Peter sat in her lap contentedly and listened attentively. Thank you Peter for spreading the love of literature

Inara referred to Remembrance Day with her poster entitled Respect, Reflect and Care. The poster focused on the flag of Canada, a huge poppy which was placed in the middle was coloured by Inara, pictures of veterans and vehicles from the Canadian Forces. The children were particularly enthralled by Inara’s miniature replica of the brilliant yellow Canadian Air Forces helicopter. Extremely patriotic Inara!

Zianna took her time to cut out ornately designed paper snowflakes which she passed around in the Circle along with snowflakes colouring sheets and a small globe sponge ball as she pinpointed the frigid continent of Antarctica. Well coordinated Zianna!

Tahliyah’s intention was to ensure that we felt the icy cold of Antarctica so she ambled over to our circle area with an insulated bag filled with ice cubes. The children each received a cube and in no time dropped it back into the bowl because it was too cold. Great idea Tahliyah!   She also shared her favourite book about penguins and taught her friends how to waddle and squawk like a penguin. We all enjoyed your special day Tahliyah

Cruz conducted his Special Day just like a teacher. Very impressive confidence Cruz!! Cruz brought in pictures of whales, an Eric Carle book entitled ” Big friend Little friend” which compared animals living in the sun and the cold Antarctic ocean area. These questions were expertly posed to the class. Cruz also passed around a water globe souvenir with ocean animals and a lighthouse.

Piper asked me to read her Oliver Jeffers’ book. This story is about a boy’s journey to Antarctica with a penguin which was lost. Ultimately they became great friends and had the best time ever. Thank you Piper for reminding us that home is where the heart is!

Arianna was proud to share her special stuffed Bear with us. Her favourite bear which she claimed lived in Antarctica, sang a few popular songs and it even said Arianna’s name. Very entertaining Arianna!

Daniel was delighted to share his Antarctica poster which was decorated with the map of the South Pole featuring seals and penguins. This was Daniel’s first opportunity to present his ideas in front of his peers in English and what an amazing start! Bravo Daniel!

Special thanks to our adorable twins Ashur and Aria for selecting a couple books from the Vancouver Public Library to bring to our class. One of the books ” ACHOO!!, focused on the management of germs. What a wonderful idea Ashur and Aria.

Here is a gentle reminder to submit your Scholastic forms by the end of this week in order to receive your books in time for the holidays. If you have not received your catalogue kindly request one.

Your partners in education,