November 1, 2015

Dear Parents,

Happy Halloween!! “D Day ” is now over and we hope the children had loads of fun on Saturday. Last Thursday, we surely enjoyed our exciting Halloween event at school. The costumes were spectacular!!! On Friday, the trip to the Pumpkin Patch was amazing. Thank you for your excellent support and cooperation with these special activities which are always happy occasions where the children are able to participate eagerly.

We would like to especially thank Tanya and Imran, the parents of our adorable twins Ashur and Aria, for having the afternoon class over to their house for treats.


November 1: Daylight Savings

November 11: Remembrance Day ( Closed)

November 12 and 13: Parent Teacher Conferences ( Closed) Please sign up!

December 17: Field Trip to Theatre

December 18: Breakfast with Santa  Last day of school.

January 4: School reopens

Special Days

Peter was extremely excited to read his book entitled, ” Popcorn” by Frank Asch to his friends. In turn they were elated to receive a pack of delicious crunchy popcorn to take home. Perfectly paired Peter!

Hayley brought in a book entitled, ” Blue hat Green Hat” by Sandra Bounton. Miss Paige read the book to the class and Hayley walked around the circle with pride. High five Hayley!

Cruz displayed a colourful scarecrow and a light coloured miniature pumpkin. After parading around the circle twice for all to admire his props, Cruz handed out several Halloween stickers to his friends. They were impressed! Stickers are always popular.

We must also thank the parents of the following children, Olivia,  Hayley, Inara, Matheson and Arianna. They all presented the class with gifts of books and materials which our class will benefit from. Many thanks parents! We truly appreciate your ongoing support.

Themes for November

We will study the continent of Antarctica and the occasion of Remembrance in November.

Next week we will focus on presentations from the following students, Martina on Wednesday, Maia on Thursday and Tahliyah and Hawken on Friday.


Happy Birthday to Olivia! Olivia turned four last Thursday and we celebrated with scrumptious chocolate covered Madeleines and palmiers.  Olivia also presented our class with a gift, ” Kipper’s Birthday” by Mick Inkpen. Thank you for the library book Olivia. Very thoughtful of you!


We practised naming colours, numbers, fruits and vegetables in both French and Mandarin classes. Jack O Lanterns were created and lit with battery powered lights. Monster Mash dance sessions were all the rage this week. What a great way to expend our energy. We concluded the themes of Fall, USA, Thanksgiving and Halloween with a trivia scavenger hunt challenge. The items were all theme related and located in the classroom. Great work children! Colours, letter sounds, numbers and shapes were reviewed within the themes. Bats on branches were hung from the ceiling and we learnt about owls from our featured National Geographic book collection which was donated by Inara. What an awesome gift. This will surely be cherished!

Our photos reminds me a bit of ” The Mad Hatter’s Party” in Lewis Carroll’s 1865 novel, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. November will always be a month to remember!  It’s poppy time!

Your partners in education.