Hello Montessori Families,

Last week we celebrated Earth Day with presentations from the children`s grandparents. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Ella`s grandparents, Milo`s grandparents, Derrick`s grandma and mom, Brian`s grandma and mom, Isaac`s grandparents, Aila`s grandma and mom, Graydon`s grandma and mom, Nicole`s dad, Quinn`s grandma and lastly but certainly not least, Riley`s grandparents, for taking the time to attend and support this special event. We were treated to stories in English and Mandarin, movement, art, gardening, recycling projects, writing in Mandarin and information on the importance of trees. We all learnt so much and had a wonderful time during our circle sessions.

On Earth Day, the children were also engaged in weeding activities in our garden before transferring our wheat pots outdoors. Earth Day was certainly celebrated in fine style. Clara`s mom hosted a baking class with the younger group on Thursday. The children happily smooshed bananas, mixed, stirred and combined the healthy ingredients before enjoying warm muffins for snack. Thank you Shannon for taking the time from your busy schedule to bake with us. We are open to having guest moms starring as chefs at our cooking classes on Thursday mornings and Friday afternoons. Kindly let us know which day can work for you. Our next major event is Mother`s Day.

By now we are certain that all our moms have received their evites for our Mother`s Day Tea Party carded for Friday 10th May from 11.30 to 1.00 p.m. We would like to remind you that our students will be dismissed by 1.00 p.m. on that day. Please let us know if you haven`t received your invitation by email or if you are unable to attend. We are presently working on our Mother`s Day projects and we look forward to this day with great anticipation. We have wrapped up our theme on India and on Wednesday 1st May, we will begin our study of England with a look at the map and flag. We have already selected our resource books on our last visit to the library since the weather was amazing last week. Spring has finally sprung!

We would also like to give you a gentle reminder about our school closure from Friday 17th May to Monday 20th May, 2013. We will return to school on Tuesday 21st May.

Thank you for your continued support and do enjoy your week!