Spring has Sprung and our entire class has come down with a case of the Spring fever. (Chuckle!) Miss Gill and I were expecting this outbreak and were fully prepared for the onset.  The cure, though simple, requires persistent attention for the suggested holistic remedy to be effective.  We must ensure that the children move to upbeat music, play outdoors daily or go for walks often along with the reinforcement of the rules and expectations regularly, followed by two weeks of rest at home with the scheduled date of March 23 rd for a hopefully full recovery. (Teachers included!)

This coming week, we will administer the recommended dosage of the medication with Friday 6 th March being the last day according to doctor’s orders. (Smile) 

Before this unfortunate phenomenon occurred, we quickly wrapped up our Special day presentations with Lushaan, Bernado, Daniel, Grayson and Tahliyah’s scheduled input.  Bernado and Daniel went to Chinatown with their parents for the Chinese New Year Parade and collected several souvenirs for their display.

 Bernado surprised us with a colourful and authentic dancing lion marionette. He shared traditional red envelopes which were decorated with oranges and flowers to bring good luck to his friends.

Daniel, his younger brother opted for the Chinese zodiac calendar which highlighted the animals associated with each month.  He distributed pretty pink envelopes which were popular with the girls as opposed to the regular red ones. 

Lushaan came dressed to impress in his waist coat last Friday when he celebrated his third birthday. We were treated to flowering plants for the garden, party bags and a vegan cake for this special occasion. Happy third birthday  Lushaan!  

For his special day, Lushaan conducted a seminar on heart to heart facts. His posters of his loved ones and scientific diagrams of the heart were pinpointed with his pencil in hand as he moved through his paces. Lushaan then offered heart shaped erasers to his peers.

Grayson took us on a trip to Hawaii for some much needed sunshine. He placed a lei around each child’s neck as he greeted them with Aloha!  His “Aloha” book explained the many positively loving meanings of the word Aloha!  Colouring sheets, which are always popular with the children, accompanied his presentation.  

Tahliyah’s topic of choice was about the country of China!  She confidently told her friends that her pictures of the flag, panda, bamboo and Great Wall of China came from her printer.  Amazing!

Brighton joined us this week.  Welcome to Granville House Montessori Brighton. May you enjoy your afternoon preschool sessions with us. 

With the injection of sunshine, the abundance of cherry blossoms and the culmination of the winter season, there is an untold inspiration in the cool air and the feeling is contagious. As we prepare for the new Spring semester, our gardening duties will be given priority. Miss Gertrude (our awesome volunteer) promised to assist us with our Gardening project since she is about to complete her Master Gardener designation. Thank you Miss Gertrude. 

After reading Eric Carle’s ” The Tiny Seed”, we were all excited about the idea of caring for a flower garden.  Each child is welcome to bring in a few shade flowering plants of their choice when we return to school on Monday 23 rd March to ensure that this project is realized.

There is a cheeky leprechaun to greet you at the door and we do plan to search for the illusive pot of gold when we notice a rainbow in the sky as we prepare to celebrate Ireland’s St Patrick’s Day.