Dear Parents,

Daffodils have sprouted from our garden. As we all know this is a sign that Spring is around the corner. What a cheerful greeting each day, as we enter our school compound. We will cherish this gift from Mother Nature. 

Important Calendar Reminders

March 9 th: Field trip to ” Old Man and the River”  There will be no morning class.

March 10: St.Patrick’s Day celebration. Please wear green shirts with navy skirts or pants

March 11 th : Last day of class. Easter egg hunt!

March 12 th to March 28 th : Spring Break

March 29 th : School resumes

Parking reminder

Parking in the lane way has become a problem. Kindly park on West 28 th and walk in.

Special days

There will be no special days carded in March.

You will receive your Special day calendar for April shortly.

This week featured: 

The Flag of China.

Both Olivia Lee and Ava presented the flag of China to our morning group.

Ava informed us that the red stands for the blood of the soldiers who fought for their country and the big star stands for the Communist party whilst the small stars stand for the four groups of people in China. Well researched Ava!

Olivia Lee proudly walked around the circle to show her friends her brilliant red flag of China which she was super excited about. Great excitement Olivia!


Arianna presented a poster based on Malaysia which was designed by her big sister. 

She was quite confident to walk around the circle to show her friends the National Flower of Malaysia which is the red hibiscus. Arianna also brought in tins of native fruits, namely the rambutan and longan for us to sample. Thank you for the can opener Arianna! Your special day was so on point!


Anabelle brought in meditation bells from Tibet, “the country which we know as the roof of the world, ” Chai tea was inhaled followed by a period of meditation. Very Zen like Anabelle! 

Flags of Asian countries

Olivia Leung sorted an enormous pile of maps of the world which when overturned had a different print out of a flag in the continent of Asia. These were distributed for colouring which led us to our atlas to source the accurate information. Excellent strategy Olivia!!


Reading from our pink phonetic booklets.

Nailing the beginning sounds of our friends’ names.

Pinpointing Mount Everest in the Himalayas. 

Counting the numbers on the calendar with the focus on the twenties. 

Listening to the countries of Asia song.

Participating in French, Yoga and Mandarin classes. 

Individual Montessori work.

Pagoda project.

Origami creations.

Journal work.

Special Days continued

Jayden concluded the study of Asia as he celebrated Chinese New Year with golden, tasselled decorations, a photo of himself and his mom in traditional wear . Happy Chinese New Year of the monkey Jayden!

Kareem adores the country of Saudi Arabia. He designed a fantastic Poster with pictorial details such as traditional garments, the flag and date palm trees.  Kareem enthusiastically shared green treat bags which his mom put together for his friends as well as a tub of dates for the teachers. Delicious Kareem! Thank you!

Luke is interested in different types of bears. He showed us his stuffed Polar bear, his Brown bear and his Black bear. He also shared a book and Colouring sheets of a variety of bears. Beary apt Luke! 

Yasmin went into great detail to introduce us to her native Saudi Arabia. She served Affousa, a traditional sweet made of Wheat flour, butter, oil or ghee and dates.  The children enjoyed this sweet treat. She also included a Map, the Date palm tree, a woven Basket, two Books, the recipe for Affousa, a model of a plane used in the German wings airline,  a magnet of Makkah, Aromatic essence and incense. We are very proud of you Yasmin! 

Thank you parents for your ongoing support with our program.

Your partners in education,