December 6, 2016

Frozen Friday according to Peter’s talking Olaf was, ” Hands down the best day ever” for the children. What excitement!!

Elsa was portrayed by Zianna, Maia, Raeya, Martina and Tahliyah in the morning class and Arianna, Piper and Coco in the afternoon class. Matheson, Wyatt, Vyaan, and Peter represented Olaf, Inara brought in her doll “Anna from the castle” and both Hayley and Aanya represented the female stars of the movie, Elsa, and Anna. Ava was the beautiful snow princess dressed in white.

Special thanks to Hawken for the popcorn, Olivia for the marshmallows, Ryder for the DQ ice cream cake, the upstairs class for the freshly baked cookies, Hawken for the flavoured popcorn, frozen napkins and bowls, Wyatt for the frozen centrepiece and foam snowflakes and Cruz for the Frozen colouring and sticker activity set.

Dressed as Kristoff, Cruz was set for the wintry weather with his Olaf hat and cozy blanket. Alex and Gloria were both individual snowflakes, while Daniel tried on an Olaf mask as Jake hid the Olaf dispenser which fortunately for the teachers had no candy to dispense.

The icy Antarctic weather prompted our adorable twins, Ashur and Aria to jump into their fleecy Frozen PJs but there was no sign of sleep in the classroom only action.  We missed both Olivia, Luke and Shirley. Hope to see you all at school next week.


Friday 11 December: Last day for bringing in your gift for the Angel Project

Thursday 17 December: Carousel Theatre Field Trip ” Where the wild things are” There will be no morning class.

Friday 18 December: Pyjama breakfast Party and last day of school. There will be no afternoon class.

Monday 4 January: School reopens

Monday 8 February: Closed for Family Day

Tuesday 9 February: Closed for PRO D Day


We introduced the Advent calendar on Tuesday as we have been counting down the days to Christmas. We also read about the celebrations of Kwanzaa and Hanukkah at circle time. The eight candles on the menorah was lit by the worker candle which totaled nine altogether.

The BC curriculum is under review. At Granville House Montessori, we are pleased with this paradigm shift in education which is in alignment with the Montessori philosophy of Sensorial and experiential learning.

Free Community Event

Read me A Story

A family friendly event which celebrates literacy and cultural diversity will take place from December 8 to 16. Please make an effort to attend “Read me a story ” which is a joyful showcase of 1200 folk tales and picture books from 120 countries at The Yaletown Roundhouse Community