Earth Day was celebrated in fine style with Tahliyah’s grandparents, Grayson’s and Bronson’s grandpa and Ashur’s and Aria’s grandma. Tahliyah’s  grandparents focused on the importance of earthworms and concluded their session with a delicious snack of gummy worms, oreos and chocolate pudding served in clay pots.  The children eagerly dug into this yummy treat of ” worms and dirt”.  Special thanks to Tahliyah’s four grandparents! 

Bronson’s and Grayson’s grandpa visited with his trusted ukulele. He serenaded the children with their favourite renditions as they merrily sang along.  Music to our ears! Merci grandpa!

Ashur’s and Aria’s grandma is a regular visitor to our class since she has assisted the twins with several of their Special Day presentations in the past.  We were very pleased to have her visit us on this special occasion.  Ashur and Aria were out in the garden with their friends to plant two mini rose plants at our classroom entrance. Gracias grandma!

Coco’s grandma promised to teach us a few dance moves so we are looking forward to her visit soon. Who knows if one of our students will be a future Dancing with the Stars contestant ?!!!

We would also like to thank the parents who took the time from their busy schedule to attend our Parent evening and our Parent Teacher Conferences last week. We’re positive that valuable information was shared through these meetings and discussions.

Our guest speaker Fran Kammermayer did justice to the topics of, ” Discipline with love and Development of the self esteem.”   She covered some very interesting topics and used great examples to highlight her key points. She discussed children at the age of two and encouraged us to avoid saying “no” to two year old children. She explained that it does not really make a difference in managing their behavior and really can make matters worse. Instead she suggests constantly redirecting or distracting the two year old child who is not exhibiting appropriate behaviour.  She also explained that using the dialogue “your showing me…” is much more effective in letting children know they have crossed some boundaries. For example, if you find your child coloring on the table and they know this is not okay, it is best to approach them saying “you are showing me that you cannot manage using crayons right now.” At which point, you can take the crayons away and have your child clean the table. On Thursday, we used the dialogue she suggested several times and found we were better able to diffuse challenging situations. If you missed the parent evening and would like some more details about her talk, we are happy to share more of our experiences with you.

Areej and her mom hosted a presentation on traditional wear in their native Oman. Areej was decked out in the finest ensemble with gold accents. Her friends said that she looked like a princess.

Bronson and Martina paid homage to the environment.  Bronson planted flowering bulbs in the garden, shared “jiffy” pots to his friends and discussed the pictures in his story which were centred on sowing seeds of kindness. 

Martina’s bean project reminded Miss Gill and I of our days in Science class at elementary school.  I am sure if you were there, you would have had déjà vu as you reminisced about your own bean plant. Now thanks to Martina, her classmates will have that same experience.

Gabby was pleased to share the amazing fun she had at Spring Break with her grandparents at their home in Palm Springs through her photo book.  Great job Gabby!